Available Packages

Car,  Motorcycle,  Van,  Coach,  Bus,  Boat, Small Aircraft.

Detailing isn't just someone turning up for 4hrs and washing your car, Detailing is a intricate art.

Valet Packages

Mobile,    Silver,    Gold

  • Car sprayed with citrus pre wash cleaner and left to dwell for 3-4 minutes.

  • Fuel cap recess cleansed.

  • Bodywork treated with advanced snow foam cleanser.

  • Wheels Cleansed with dedicated alloy wheel cleanser

  • Pressure wash of wheels and bodywork.

  • Hand washed using the safe 2 bucket method (wash and rinse).

  • Door shuts cleansed.

  • Pressure washed again.

  • Pat dried using microfibre towels and forced air dryer for tight areas.

  • Swissvax cleaner fluid solution used to polish bodywork

  • EZ Car Care ceramic wax used to protect bodywork

  • EZ Car Care wheel wax applied

  • Interior vacuum with Hand brush of upholstery carpets.

  • Interior plastics fully cleaned and dressed.

  • Interior/exterior windows polished.

  • Tyres and trim dressed with appropriate product

  • Choice of air freshner

Detail Packages

The detailers touch

  • Doorshuts & fuel cap cleaned

  • Arches, tyres & wheels cleaned

  • Snow foam pre wash

  • 2 bucket wash

  • Towel / air dried

  • Windows cleaned inside & out

  • Tyres dressed

  • Hoover throughout

  • Full interior extraction

  • Pet hair removal

  • Dash & doorcards cleaned & dressed

  • Air freshner

  • Paintwork protected with either :

  • EZ Car Care (paint sealent) or

  • Turtle hard shell wax.

  • All exterior windows ceramic coated. ( excellent rain repellent )

Let's keep on top of your pride and joy

  • Non contact snow foam

  • Contact wash with hydrophobic shampoo 

  • Clean the face and barrels of the wheels

  • Clean the tyre wall

  • Clean the inside and outside glass

Attention to Detail

  • Pre Rinse

  • 1 Stage Degreaser 

  • APC Application

  • Agitate With Approriate Brushes

  • Hydrophobic Wash

  • Air Dryed

  • Water Based Dressing​


  • Plastic trim and any delicate areas are masked using 3M tape to avoid polish stains.

  • Full set of paint depth readings are taken to form a brief history of the car.

  • Polish and pad testing to figure out the most effective combination for your paint type.

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 stage machine polish conducted over the entire vehicle, until the desired finish is achieved.

  • Isolated wet sanding work can be carried out on any particular areas, to remove/diminish deeper scratches, scuffs, general heavier marks or even any previous paint touch up attempts.

  • Stone chips can be touched up or filled in at this stage, with a Dr. Colourchip kit.

  • Paintwork wiped down with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to remove the polish oils and residue, to form the ideal surface, for a wax or ceramic coating

Crystal clear headlights

  • Permanently restore faded, yellowing & cloudy headlights to prevent M.O.T failure & restore the light output of your headlights. Multiple stages of wet sanding to remove the failed coating, machine polish to restore a crystal clear finish & seal them to protect the finish

Keeping on top of your Rims

  • Wash with dedicated wheel soap.

  • Full chemical decontamination

  • Clay bar

  • Machine polish

  • Protect with ceramic wax

  • Ceramic coating at extra cost

  • The price depends on the following factors: size of the car, condition of the paint (all paint imperfections must be addressed prior to Ceramic Pro application as they will be ‘sealed’ under the ceramic coating and can only be rectified if you remove the coating) and the level of service (exterior only, interior&exterior, windows, wheels, engine compartment, exhaust tips etc.

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